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Job Openings


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RFIC design (LNA, Mixer, RF VGAs, PA, VCO, PLL, etc.)
Analog design (Analog Filter, PMIC, Data Converter, etc.)
CMOS PA, GaAs PA design
FEC (Forward Error Control) RTL design (verilog, VHDL)
Digital Filter, FFT, Viterbi, turbo decoder, LDPC decoder design
SoC Integration engineers such as ARM, CPU, DSP, etc.
Digital Front-end design, synchronization algorithm design, communication modem design

Masters/MA candidates who are qualified for a specialized researcher
Job Description
Majors in RFIC design, and Analog design
Majors in communication algorithm, and modem SoC

Qualifications for application
3rd,4th grade students, students in Master’s/Doctorate courses majoring in semiconductor, electronic,
electrical engineering, data processing, control and computer science.
Offer scholarship(Undergraduates: total tuition, Masters: over 5million won per semester,
Doctors: vary depending on a person)
Undergraduates: GPA over 3.2, Masters/Doctors: GPA over 3.5, on a condition of joining I&C Tech after graduation