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Quality & Environment Policy


Obligations to conserve the environment
All employees are obliged to conserve the environment and should consider the environment
first in all perspectives of organization’s activities, products, and services.

Efficient use of environmental resources
All employees should make their best efforts to continuously improve the environment,
efficiently use energy/resources, minimize wastes, and reuse resources.

Compliance of laws
Strictly follow environmental laws and other requests
in a local community and a country.

Continuous environmental management
Establish a goal to minimize the environmental impact and carry out persistent environmental
management activities.

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Awareness campaigns on environmental protection
Provide all employees with opportunities to raise awareness on environmental conservation
through various environmental campaigns/trainings.

Awareness campaigns on environmental protection
Strive to minimize environmental contaminations caused during the process from design, development and manufacturing of a product, to delivery to customers.

Transparent management
Make public the environmental policies and goals to stakeholders in order to maintain transparency
in management.