Mobile TV



T3A0N is a complete T-DMB solution with fully integrated RF and baseband processor.It is designed to be well
suited for mobile multimedia appliances and best solution for terrestrial mobile TV in Korea.
The device integrated
Low Dropout regulator(LDO) and includes Crystal Oscillator, Synthesizer Phase Loop Lock,
RF Automatic Gain
The device supports the frequency of band 3 that is lied from 168MHz to 240MHz. It is available MLF
(Micro Lead Frame) package with the size of 4.0 x 4.0㎟.

Key Features

  • Supports T-DMB standard in Korea
  • Supported Package & Size : 
    - 4.0 x 4.0 ㎟ (MLF).
  • Supports Frequency
    - 168~240MHz (band 3)
  • Supports MPI, SPI and I2C interface
  • Combined with Low DropOut voltage regulator
  • Compatible to Qualcomm’s mobile station modem
  • Access TS, FIC, MSC data via Qualcomm’s TSIF
  • Simple interrupt operation for EWS and Re-configuration
  • On-chip channel selection filter
  • Low Power 1.2V operation
  • Low noise wide band Voltage Controlled Oscillator


Frequency 168~240 MHz (T-DMB, Korea)
Supported Standard T-DMB
Power Supply I/O : 1.62V~3.6V, Core : 1.2V
Interface SPI, TSIF, I2C
Package & Size 4.0㎜ x 4.0㎜ (MLF)
Power Consumption 23mW(Min), 31mW (Max)
Main Clock 19.2 MHz
Sensitivity -103.5dBm
ACS 48dBc
FOS 59dBc
Max Input 0dBm
Operating Temp. -40~85℃