Lighting Control

Main Lighting Controller


Main Lighting Controller is based on dimming control system according to specification of Korea Exressway Corporation. it supports KS X ISO/IEC 12139-1 standards for various PLC(powerline communication) applications. it controls the street light dimming modem & tunnel light dimming modem by two-way communication. That has the information of monitoring for the status of LED light and SMPS, Communication and can notified to server.

Key Features

  • Complete PLC Solution for LED dimming control system, etc
  • Control of the external light intensity/luminance/set-up time/Turn&On of LED light, etc
  • Control of the dimming modem of Street light & Tunnel light
  • Supports Group control
  • Monitoring the Occurrence of malfunction(over-current, short circuits, etc)
  • Supports dimming test program, Firmware upgrade, etc


  • Processor : ARM Cortex 48 MPU(AM3354)
  • Memory : 4Gb NAND Flash, 1Gbyte DDR2 RAM X 2
  • LAN : 10/100 Base-T Ethernet X 2 Port
  • Port : LTE X 1Port, GPS X 1Port, USB2.0 X 2Port, RS-485 X 2Port, RS232 A/BC/D X 4Port
  • Display : TFT LCD Display 10/4 inch
  • OS : Linux / Kernel : 3.2 over
  • Size : 543 x 486 x 353(W x D x H)