J300N is a complete ISDB-T 1-seg solution for mobile TV. It is a SoC solution with fully integrated RF and
baseband processor. 
The device has a built-in optional regulator for single supply solution.It includes low noise
wide band Voltage Controlled Oscillator, frequency synthesizer and Automatic Gain Control. 
The device supports
ISDB-T mobile broadcasting standard for Japan & Brazil. 
It is available in a MLF(Micro Lead Frame) package
with the size of 5.0 x 5.0㎟(MLF).

Key Features

  • Supports ISDB-T standard for Brazil & Japan
  • Supported Package & Size
    - 5.0 x 5.0㎟(MLF).
  • Supports Frequency : 470~806MHz
  • Supports TSIF, SPI and I2C interface
  • Combined with Low DropOut voltage regulator
  • Compatible to Qualcomm’s mobile station modem
  • Access MPEG2 TS data via Qualcomm’s TSIF
  • Simple interrupt operation for alert broadcasting.
  • On-chip channel selection filter
  • Low noise wide band Voltage Controlled Oscillator


Frequency 470~806 MHz (UHF, South America & Japan)
Supported Standard ISDB-T 1-seg
Power Supply I/O : 1.8V~3.3V, Core : 1.2V
Interface SPI, TSIF, I2C
Package & Size 5.0㎜ x 5.0㎜ (MLF)
Power Consumption 65mW(Internal LDO enable) / 53mW(Internal LDO disable)
Main Clock 19.2/32 MHz
Sensitivity -100dB
ACS 50dBc
FOS 60dBc
Max Input +10dBm
Operating Temp. -40~85℃
BoM RLC : 20ea