PLC Modem


High Speed PLC Modem, base on KS X ISO/IEC 12139-1 standard, supports two-way Communication,
Data Repeating function and various type of Interface 
(Ethernet, MII, GPIO, UART, etc.)

Key Features

  • Compliant with KS X4600-1, ISO / IEC12139-1
  • Operating frequency range : 2MHz ~ 23MHz
  • Throughput (Max. 24Mbps)
    - UDP : Max. 14Mbps
    - TCP/IP : Max. 8Mbps
  • Multi-Carrier (OFDM / DMT)
  • 56-bit DES & 128-bit AES encryption core included
  • Supported UART / Ethernet MII / GPIO / I/F
  • Supported Firmware upgrade and several type of development


Operation Mode DPSK based DMT modulation
Standard KS X ISO/IEC 12139-1
Main Chipset P5000
Interface UART/Ethernet MII/GPIO
Bandwidth 2.15MHz~23.15MHz
Max Throughput UDP : Max. 14Mbps
TCP/IP : Max. 8Mbps
Encryption AES 128Bits, DES function
Operating Voltage 12V DC
Size 74 x 62.5 x 1.6 mm (W x D x H)